Service & Inspection

At Dive Air, we will service and repair your regulator, BCD and tank valve as well as organising hydro testing of tanks. Dive Air uses genuine parts to perform the work and all servicing is done to manufacturers specifications. To ensure quality we have a well set up workshop with the appropriate specialist tools and test equipment. All prices are ex GST.

Dive Air is the Northern Territory agent for :

  • Scuba Pro
  • Sherwood
  • HOG / Edge
  • Apollo
  • Spare air
  • BOSS
  • Oceanic
  • Cressi
  • Dive Rite
  • Tusa
  • Mares
  • Scubatech



Service Price List (excluding parts)

  • 1st stage service$45
  • 2nd stage / Occy $40
  • BCD$45
  • Inflator Regulator$65
  • Tank valve$35
  • Any item with significant damage$55 hour
  • Annual Inspection $55
  • Old equipment surcharge$100

Annual Inspection Report 

Some regulators only require a service every two years. Most manufacturers recommend however, that even at a two year service interval, regulators undergo an annual inspection in between services. An inspection (as opposed to a full Service), will determine the condition of the regulators set through a visual inspection – hoses, mouthpieces, housings, filter, etc. An inspection will also compare critical regulator pressures – your regulator Vs manufacturers specifications. Any anomalies will be noted and recorded on an inspection checklist.

Older Regulators and BCD’s

For many regulators, once they reach the grand old age of 20 (sometimes even before that), then it may be time to part with them gracefully. We often get regulators in which were brought out in the 70’s or 80’s. Regulators of this vintage, like humans, need a lot more work and often it’s almost impossible to source parts for them. Hoses become brittle, exhausts fall to pieces and housings crack for no apparent reason. Just because ‘They’ve been kept in the garden shed for the past ten years’, does not mean that they are in good condition.

Spending a lot of money on a set of regulators (or a BCD) when they are plainly well past their use by date isn’t a good idea. Given the mount of time needed to source parts, and service and repair this old gear Dive air will place a service surcharge of $100 on any old dive equipment.