Air Fills

Dive Air has a fully certified Bauer compressor which can fill cylinders up to DIN 300Bar , DIN / Yoke 200Bar .

Drop your cylinder off one day and pick it up the next. We can fill on the spot if required.

Filling an unsafe dive cylinder is extremely dangerous, especially to the fill station operator. All cylinders must be in current hydrostatic test – no exceptions.

All cylinders will undergo a mini visual inspection before filling. A cylinder will not be filled if it doesn’t have a current hydrostatic test compliance stamp, the condition of tank is deemed to be dangerous, the valve is damaged or the burst disc has been tampered with.

Aluminium 6351 alloy cylinders will not be filled. Any pre 1992 alloy cylinder will not be filled.

Air Fill 230Bar $16.50
Air Fill 300Bar $22.00

Dive Air reserves the right to refuse to fill any dive cylinder.

<b>Air Fills</b>